Nwankama Nwankama


Charting the future: a journey of innovation, excellence, and impact

My professional journey is also marked by active engagement with leading industry bodies, including, among others, being a/n;

  • Executive member, Academy of Management

  • Associate, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computational Intelligence Society of New York

  • Member, Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro)

  • Member, Data Management Association (DAMA)

I stand at the forefront of thought leadership and innovation. These memberships are a testament to my commitment to excellence and my continuous pursuit of growth in the ever-evolving business landscape.

With over twenty-five years of seasoned experience as a business and ICT strategist, I've merged the worlds of strategic management, competitive intelligence, marketing, and predictive analytics. This synergy allows me to provide evidence-based forecasts, navigating businesses through various environmental risks and rewards with unparalleled insight and precision.

Recognized early in my journey with the prestigious CIDA International Scholar Award in Ottawa, Canada, in 1991, I was identified as a beacon of academic and professional potential among scholars from Africa and the Middle East. This accolade was not just an acknowledgment of my past achievements but a prophecy of the impact I was destined to make in the world of business and technology strategy.

My narrative is not just a tale of degrees and accolades; it's a living testament to the power of relentless pursuit, diverse knowledge, and strategic innovation. It's about shaping the future of businesses and organizations, one insightful strategy at a time.

Leading through engagement: a testament to excellence and growth

Embarking on a journey from the vibrant landscapes of Nigeria and the academic halls of Canada, where I was honored as one of two outstanding scholars by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), I carried with me not just a degree in architecture and engineering but an earnest quest for knowledge that respected no bounds. This quest led me to the dynamic world of America's corporate sectors, where my thirst for learning propelled me to acquire a diverse educational portfolio: among them, an MBA in Competitive Intelligence and Analytics, an MS in Information Technology, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Change Management.

Transitioning my career towards research and writing, I delved deep into the realms of business and technology, with a keen focus on crafting business and IT strategies, mainly, for the burgeoning sectors of the social media, automotive and healthcare. My approach, always innovative, leverages the nuanced principles of marketing psychology alongside a deep understanding of diversity. This combination not only combats implicit bias but also fosters a nurturing environment for business growth, setting a new benchmark for strategic excellence.

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